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Large Private Garages


A garage can be considered to be one of the most functional areas within any home. Of course, these locations will naturally come in different sizes. A small residential house may only offer a garage designed for a single car. Still, large and private garages can host numerous amenities that can be quite useful when tinkering around with any vehicle.

Planning Ahead

It is interesting to note that the plans for these garages will vary depending upon the needs of the owner. Some of the most impressive layouts even contain hydraulic lifts to enable access to the undercarriage of the vehicle. Robust overhead lighting is commonplace while efficient ventilation systems are present to help dissipate the buildup of carbon monoxide and other dangerous gases. Anyone who may be considering building such an area should keep these factors in mind.

Aesthetic Beauty

Some of the largest garages will tend to make use of any space in the best ways possible. A rather “open” feel tends to dominate these areas and as opposed to tiny rooms, spacious garages provide ample room for performing a variety of tasks. From painting a vehicle with an airless sprayer to undertaking a complete engine overhaul, comfort is always king.

Things to Keep in Mind

While such a garage is certainly to be envied, a good deal of thought must first take place in regards to its construction. An important area not to be overlooked is the floor itself. Always use an epoxy coating as opposed to normal paint. There are several benefits to be noted here. Not only is epoxy sealant waterproof, but many brands will have anti-slip materials included in their mixture. This will obviously help to enhance safety levels should the surfaces become slick. In a similar fashion, the paint used on the walls should be semi-gloss or a material called “eggshell”. These finishes are able to be washed; an obvious concern within any garage. When possible, make use of vertical tool storage units to maximise the amount of available space. If you require a good deal of lighting, it is a good idea to choose LED fixtures as opposed to incandescent bulbs. These will provide a crisper and whiter light while they also consume much less energy over time.

A large private garage can provide untold hours of enjoyment for the automobile enthusiast. Keeping these design concepts in mind will enable you to take advantage of such space while allowing you to relax within an inviting environment.


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Tips for Buying Collector Cars


Collectible cars are not only beautiful, but they can be a lucrative investment. This is not to mention that they are a great deal of fun to drive! Coming across the best make and model can nonetheless be a daunting and confusing process. So, it is a good idea if we take a look at some top tips which will enable you to place your focus in the right direction.

More Than Meets the Eye

There have been countless stories revolving around an individual who purchased an expensive collectible car without first looking underneath the bonnet. As a result, they realised that a great deal of internal work needed to be done. This can cost a great deal of time, money and aggravation. Before committing to any purchase, make certain that the engine is in good working order. If you are unsure of what to examine, use handy online reference guides to help bolster your knowledge.

Helpful Advice

Considering the long history of automobiles, the field of car collecting can be a bit confusing. This is particularly the case if you are new to the hobby. So, why not learn from the expertise of others? There are a number of valuable resources to be found on the Internet. One of the best to begin is to peruse the numerous forums that exist. These portals are excellent ways to interact with other enthusiasts, obtain valuable advice and even make a few friends along the way.

Local Swap Meets

While this idea may seem a bit outdated, attending swap meets and other automobile events is one of the best ways to get to know what is out there. As opposed to purchasing a car through an online source, you will be able to obtain a true hands-on feel for the vehicle in question. In this respect, a simple handshake and a few minutes of conversation can go a long way in providing you the car of your dreams.

Online Auction Sites

The online community is laden with those who are looking to sell a classic vehicle to an interested buyer. Not only will the selection be quite impressive, but the prices listed are frequently lower than would be encountered through a retail outlet. However, a word of caution should be mentioned here. Only choose the largest auction sites and make certain that the seller boasts a solid reputation. After all, you never want to get “taken for a ride” before even owning the vehicle!


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How to Store Your Car Collection


Collecting cars, as with most forms of collecting, comes with the responsibility to perform regular maintenance. Whether you are restoring classic cars or buying the latest supercars, if you don’t know how to store them correctly they will eventually deteriorate. How you store them will depend on how many cars you have and how often you will be driving them, but there are various options for the vehicle aficionado to implement.

Warehouse Storage

For large car collections, storing your vehicles in a warehouse will allow you to keep everything under one roof with the focus entirely on maintaining the right conditions. Temperature is important for avoiding corrosion, and you can purchase a temperature and humidity monitor fairly cheaply to ensure the space does not get too hot or cold.

If you are leaving a car for an extended period of time, make sure it is sealed and protected. It is usually advised that the car is washed and waxed, the battery is removed and windscreen wipers are taken off. If you need to move any cars when they are in this state, a tool like the Stringo Vehicle Mover can make life easier. This machinery can move a car safely, and the car does not even need to be started.

Ad-Hoc Storage

It might be unnecessary to need such a large space for storage, particularly if you are only just beginning a car collection. In this case, ad-hoc storage might be the best alternative, with various options available to you. You could lease small garage spaces for your vehicles, with the benefit that you can often take on short-term leases if you need to upgrade in the future. It is still wise to make sure your car is well prepared and covered when you use these smaller spaces for storage.

Seal Entrances and Cover

If you don’t seal entrances you may find bugs and small rodents find a way in. This can cause all kinds of problems with the engine, heater and upholstery, and the repairs could be extensive. It is also advised to cover the car, with a water-resistant fabric required if you need to store the vehicle outdoors.

Start the Car Occasionally

This might not be possible for long-term storage, but if you can start the car on a monthly basis it can help the engine. Try to take the car for a short drive around the block before returning it to its proper storage conditions.

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Most important things to look out for when buying a used car


You can find used vehicles in great condition, and they are much less expensive than new vehicles. However, there are also some used vehicles on the market that are in poor condition. So how do you know whether you are getting a great deal, or ripped-off? Purchasing a used vehicle can seem like a daunting experience. However, by looking out for a few simple things, you can ensure that the used vehicle you buy is worth what you are going to pay for it.


Before you even go to take a look at a vehicle, do some research online into the model you are thinking of buying. By doing this, you can see how reliable the model is, and if it has any known issues.

Rust Spots

The first thing you should look out for when viewing a used vehicle is rust spots. If you see that there are major rust spots on the vehicle, then you should definitely avoid purchasing it.

Comfort and Cosmetic Factors

When you viewing a used vehicle, you should also check cosmetic factors, and how comfortable the vehicle is. Check the interior. Do the seats, steering wheel, or dashboard look in good condition? Or are there scuff marks, tears or scratches visible? This is not a reason to discount the car, but if you can see cosmetic issues like this, you need to consider whether the car is worth the cost.

The Exterior

Take a look at the car’s exterior. When checking the exterior of a used car, you need to view the vehicle both up-close and from a distance. Firstly, inspect the windshield to see if there are any marks or scratches on it. Then, look at the car’s panels to check if they are dented or damaged in any way. View the panels up close and from a distance, if you see uneven pain work, or dents, or odd reflections, then it is likely that the vehicle has been in an accident. Also, take a look at the bumper for similar signs of damage.

The Car’s History

Finally, when viewing a used car, ask the seller about the car’s history. It’s best to know as much as you can about the history of the vehicle.


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